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The quotation issued by us is valid for 30 days The production period usually takes about 15 to 20 working days, which may increase or decrease depending on the customer's needs and order quantity. We will try our best to meet the customer's requirements and make every model as good as possible. However, since some processes require manual work, we cannot guarantee that the model produced will be 100% the same as the original object required by the customer. The product pictures on the website are taken based on real models. However, due to the quality of ambient lighting and photographic equipment, there may be differences in color and appearance between the pictures and the actual products. All products shall prevail. All model making will leave a mold fluid injection port, so there will be a gap or a flat surface after completion. This is unavoidable. I will try my best to hide this gap without damaging the appearance of the model. When placing an order, a deposit of the total quantity or no less than half of the order must be paid (depending on the total number of orders). All payments must be made after the model is completed and before shipment. The start date of the production period is calculated when we receive the customer's request, tableware (if any), ingredients (if any) and deposit When the order is confirmed, we will purchase the required materials (including the entire order quantity) and start the preliminary work. Some of the preliminary processes are carried out corresponding to the entire order quantity. If the customer changes the content of the order or cancels part or all of the order after placing the order, we will charge the corresponding fee according to the situation. All food samples (if any) or tableware (if any) provided by the guest, except those required by the model, we have the right to choose to return or not return to the guest. After the model is completed, pictures will be provided to the customer for confirmation. If the customer is satisfied, it will be delivered to the customer. After the model is made, if the customer requests to send a physical object for confirmation, we will charge shipping and administrative fees. After the model is completed, if there is any discrepancy with the customer's order requirements, we will make two free modifications. If more than two modifications are made, additional charges will be charged. Modifications are made based on the customer's request when placing the order. If the items modified by the customer are not included in the order requirements, we have the right to charge an additional fee, and the amount of the charge will depend on the modification. If the customer wants to make modifications after receiving the model, we will make corresponding arrangements based on the situation and feasibility. After the customer completes and receives the model, we may upload the customer's product pictures to the Internet. If the customer does not agree, please raise it before receiving the goods or when placing the order

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